Preservation of Trust that has been Built and Fortified over the Years

"Haw Par Corporation Limited ("Haw Par") is pleased to present its inaugural sustainability report 2018.

Listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1969, Haw Par is one of the earliest established public companies in Singapore. Central to our management doctrine in the day-to-day running of our business, is our uncompromising preservation of trust that has been built and fortified over the years. The conduct of business in a proper, sustainable, accountable and ethical manner thus comes second nature to our Board and Management."

Wee Ee Lim
President & CEO
Haw Par Corporation Limited

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The Sustainability Steering Committee (“SSC”) consisting of senior management and led by the CEO, champions sustainability efforts and priorities at the Group.

The SSC reports to the Board, which has specially considered sustainability issues as part of its strategic formulation, and has determined the Environmental, Social and Governance ("ESG") factors identified as material to the business of the Group.

The Board oversees the management and monitoring of these ESG factors. The material ESG factors that have been identified for the first Sustainability Reporting of the Group include economic performance, compliance and good governance, occupational health and safety of employees, and product quality and safety.

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Corporate Structure
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